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"I love the R U OK? idea. The beauty of R U OK? is that the tone can be changed from 'are you ok?' with a deep meaning behind it, to a much more profound 'I'm worried about you, are you ok?'... It's our job to look after colleagues and friends. If you're asked that question it's ok to say how you're feeling" - Peter Butler

Ask the question. Change a life.

John Canning's story (video) 

"Just as you would look out for someone with a physical illness, you've got to look out for someone with a mental illness."

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 Conversation tip

The Look Deeper campaign has demonstrated that talking about and sharing our own experiences is a powerful tool to reduce stigma and encourage action.

If you’ve found a particular strategy or help-seeking service useful, share it with the person you are supporting. You can say something like: "When I was going through a difficult time, I tried this... You might find it useful too."

Need more tips? Visit the conversation tools page.

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