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You have the instinct and skill to look deeper. If you sense something is not quite right, chances are you are right. Don’t ignore your instinct. Start a conversation and listen without judgement.

Why should you look deeper?

Do you brush aside questions that cut too close to the bone?

Perhaps you think talking about what's going on outside of work is irrelevant?

Or you feel the need to pretend that you've got it covered?

The truth is, your colleague sitting next to you may feel the same.

It's time to change that.

Change starts with an "are you ok?"

Change starts with not accepting "I'm fine" at face value when your instinct says otherwise.

It's why R U OK? and 18 law firms formed an alliance to develop “Look Deeper”.

We want to address the cultural and individual impediments preventing people from offering support, or asking for it.

So, look deeper to support a colleague.

Get involved


Over the next 12 months, you'll hear from people in the profession about how they’ve overcome or managed adversity, or supported someone who has.

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